How to check current centos version


In this tutorial i will show you how to check your current centos version , sometimes we need to check current version to make sure compatibility with an application. This method is like my tutorial How to check current redhat version , because centos is redhat based distro , the command and method almost same.

There are some way to check your current centos version

Release Files

You can check the centos version by look at file /etc/system-release or /etc/redhat-release or /etc/centos-release.



The output will be like below


LSB Release

Same as redhat you can alse check your current centos version using command line lsb_release

Example output will be


System Release

The another method to check your centos system version is by querying the centos-release package

Example output

Congratulations, you have successfully know how to check your current centos version. Thank you using this tutorial to check centos version.

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