How to Install Go 1.7 on Centos 7



In this tutorial i will guide you to install Go 1.7 software on Centos 7. Go is an open source programming language developed by a team at Google.It provides easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software’s.


Make sure you execute these command below using root privileges.

Step 1 — Download Go Language

We will manually download the package directly from the Go website. Make sure you copy the link for the latest version that is compatible with a 64-bit architecture.

Change working directory to /tmp

Download using wget

Step 2 – Installing Go

Now extract the downloaded archive and we will put it under /usr/local/ directory

Step 3 — Setup Go Environment

Commonly you need to set 3 environment variables as GOROOT, GOPATH and PATH.

GOROOT is the location where Go package is installed on your system.

GOPATH is the location of your work directory. For example my project directory is ~/Projects/Proj1 .

PATH is current system environment variable , we will join environment  GOROOT and GOTPATH to PATH

All above environment will be set for your current session only. To make it permanent add above commands in ~/.bash_profile file.

Step 4 — Verify Installation

At this step you have successfully installed and configured go language on your system. First use following command to check Go version .


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