How to Increase Additional Entropy for Servers Using Haveged on Ubuntu 16.04


In this tutorial we will show you how to increase additional entropy for servers using haveged. For you don’t know entropy, entropy is the randomness collected by an operating system or application for use in cryptography or other uses that require random data. This randomness is often collected from hardware sources, either pre-existing ones such as mouse movements or specially provided randomness generators. A lack of entropy can have a negative impact on performance and security. Usually server with idle resource will have low entropy, so we will need some trigger to increase additional entroy using haveged.


This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of linux, know how to use the shell, root user or non-root user account with sudo privileges set up on your server.

Step 1 – Install haveged

First we need to update repository database using these command below

Install haveged using apt-get command

Step 2 – Start haveged service

Start haveged service using command below

After service running, you can check available entropy using command below

values should be above 2000



Congratulations,  you have successfully Increase Additional Entropy for Servers Using Haveged on Ubuntu 16.04. When available entropy was increased, time for generate key like diffie hellman key will also increased.



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